Over 879,000 women within a year have had abortions and yet so many still feel alone

Alone with feelings of guilt, shame, regret, and confusion.

You’ve isolated yourself from others because you can’t take the chance of them knowing your secret

Perhaps all you wanted was a little support and understanding from those you loved

You’ve attended the women’s conferences, read self-help books, started and stopped the devotionals but you’re still left feeling like something is missing

You’ve been on this emotional rollercoaster due to not dealing with the decision and the pain seems like it will never go away

And without breaking free from these negative thoughts and having a safe place to acknowledge your emotions these feelings can linger for a lifetime


A new chapter of your life awaits you

You don’t have to remain stuck in the same emotional state you’ve been in month, after month, after month

You deserve a space that allows you to work through your feelings and be heard

It’s about time you put the pieces of your life back together and rediscover your identity

Have faith things will get better

Let’s resolve those feelings that have laid dormant, reconnect with those you love, and get back to living life