Hey, I’m Latoya.

I believe that NOT talking about abortion is creating unnecessary pain, guilt, isolation, and anger… 

After 13 years of dealing with the shame and guilt of life after abortion, I’m on a mission to help other women who are ready to break free from shame, guilt, and regret and experience healing, hope and forgiveness. My journey to healing and rediscovery was a process that I wish I didn’t have to go through alone. The #1 thing I wanted after my abortion was to find value in myself again. Now, I am finally free to be who God created me to be, and make an impact in the lives of women I encounter.

That’s why I created an 8-week program called Heal The Womb

I’ve created an exact framework that has helped me break free from years of shame

In my program we discuss:

  • Rediscovering Who You Are

The process of rediscovering yourself starts with taking the first step and making a commitment to allow yourself healing

  • Redefining Life

Change the narrative of how life could be different. You may have made a mistake, but your mistake does not make you. 

  • Restoring Your Faith

You have already been forgiven and accepted. It’s your turn to embrace God’s love for you.

Enrollment begins September 2nd. To keep the intimacy & discretion, the group is limited to 8 women. 

Once you join the program you will get: 

  • Weekly Group Phone Calls 

  • Homework to help you breakthrough

  • Support from me and your group members

  • A private discreet community 

    This is for you if….. 

    • You’re ready to take the next step to get the healing that you need

    • You want a space where you feel safe and understood

    • You’re ready to do the inner work to be free

    • You desire non-judgemental support

    • You want HOPE for today